August 24th. Pups go to baby sitter tonite.

Pups with baby sitter during the Montana Brittany Club field trial this weekend!

puppy jail(otherwise we are allllll over the place!)


Friday August 19th.

yellow female
burgundy male
blue female
green male
group on lawn.


More from Friday the 12th

the three girls.
Burgundy male-backside.
Burgundy male-front.

4 weeks old on Friday the 12th.

The boys, green and burgundy.
Green male-backside.
Green male-front.
Yellow female-backside.
Yellow female-front.

Friday the 12th, 4 weeks old!

Blue female-backside
Blue female-front
Red female-backside.
Red female-front.

Little Joe the runt!


Blue girl face.
Yellow girl backside.
Yellow girl face.
Red girl backside.

red girl face.

Individual photos.

Runty Little Joe.
Burgundy boy backside.
Burgundy boy face
Green boy backside.
Green boy face.

A bigger pen to explore!

Mamma Spice and the gang!

Pups are 3 weeks old and getting their teeth! Moved to a bigger pen in the garage today!

The girls, red, yellow, blue.
The boys! runt, burgundy, green.